• Analogue Collage No. 1

Ahmet Öğüt

Analogue Collage No. 1

Archival pigment print
Edition of 75 plus 5 APs
30 x 24 inches
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About Artwork

Analogue Collage No. 1 by Ahmet Öğüt emphasizes accelerated digital living in his series of images made entirely with the artist’s hand, without any tools other than his camera. Simultaneously poking fun at V.R., A.R and metaverse art while also making an NFT, Öğüt is consistently innovative. He often incorporates images or footage of artworks made by other artists or makers, employing, in his terms, a “modular approach to authorship.” Öğüt demonstrates how this practice activates a collective trust among intergenerational artists, makers and necessitates the revision of institutional collections, and archives in a simultaneously friendly and antagonistic way. This analog image brings together many aspects of Öğüt’s sensibility, a public space which is populated by tiny people who seem at home with light flares and antiquated spaceships looming over them.

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