About Art+Culture Projects

We love artists and we’re doing everything we can to make sure they have a voice and are recognized for the amazing contributions they make to our creative culture. Without them, life would suck. 

We also love the many curators, cultural institutions, non-profits, museums and commercial galleries that are working hard to promote artists’ vision while enabling a diverse dialogue around the issues of our day. Those visions of beauty and trauma, history, time, place, identity, memory are all valid; the multiplicity of those visions helps us recognize who we are and enables us to forge the possibility of stronger connections, community and understanding.

We love collectors. Both beginners and veterans. We take the time to provide collectors with insights into the artistic visions we showcase. We are patient. Because art education in really bad, and we all need primers to understand and process new ways of looking.

We work with great artists to publish limited edition prints and multiples. Proceeds from these projects support artists’ studio practice as well as non-profits, museums and educational programs. Traditional models of museum support compromise curatorial integrity – our programs subvert that by offering curators a source of funding that is not tied to the traditional donor-patron model. Curators participating in our approach gain a continuing source of income that travels with them as they progress professionally. 

Please be in touch if you’d like to work with us. We’re on a mission to make everyone a collector, ensure that artists and institutions prosper and amplify and promote curatorial vision to a wider audience. 

Chris Vroom and Bridget Murphy

Contemporary art patron and collector Chris Vroom is the CEO of Art+Culture. Vroom is also the founder of CollectorIQ, an online data, analytics and portfolio management platform that helps collectors, and their advisors, analyze, value and trade fine art and collectibles.

Vroom previously founded and was Chairman of Artspace.com, the world’s leading internet platform for the discovery and collection of contemporary art. He’s also the Founder of the New York-based non-profit Artadia, which for over 20 years has provided over $20 million in direct and indirect support as well as professional development opportunities to artists from all parts of the United States. Vroom received his BA from The University of Chicago in Economics where his son goes now.

He was a Managing Director and Global Group Head for the Credit Suisse First Boston Technology Group where he advised institutional investors, venture capital and private equity firms on technology investments. He was a Managing Director and Group Head of Consumer Group equity research at Alex. Brown & Sons where he had the opportunity to learn from and, in turn, advise management teams at many great growth companies including Starbucks and Costco Wholesale, among others from their earliest beginnings to rapid growth. 

Bridget Murphy is the Director of Art+Culture. She is a practicing Art Advisor based in New York City with a focus on education and supporting local artists. Bridget has both institutional and non-profit experience having worked at Artadia, Longhouse Projects, MoMA, the List Visual Arts Center at MIT, and the ICA Boston. Bridget received an MFA and Museum Studies Certificate from Tufts University, and an undergraduate degree in Fine Art and Art History from Boston University. Bridget serves on the benefit and fundraising committees of Artadia, Smack Mellon, Sanctuary for Families, and Blue School NYC.

Art+Culture was founded in 2015 by Chris Vroom and Helen Andrews. Helen ran the editions business at the prestigious White Cube gallery in London. Her exacting standards on production quality and her commitment to serving artists and cultural institutions, helped establish the basis for the Company’s future growth. Recently, Helen’s professional life took a different direction and she’s presently pursuing higher education. Her ethos remains at the core of our value system.