Framing and Care

We offer  professional framing at an affordable price for works purchased through Art+Culture Projects. You can add your chosen framing option when making a purchase on our website for unframed artworks 20 x 30 in. and under. For artworks that are larger than 20 x 24 in., we do not offer framing to avoid damage during transit. Please contact us for local framer recommendations for major US and European cities. We can also provide frame specifications for each artwork in the style chosen in collaboration with the artist.

Frame Specifications
Conservation framing for artworks 20 x 30 in. and under:
– Custom-made, high quality, hardwood frames spray painted black or white with a matte finish
– Conservation grade UV blocking plexiglass (acrylic)
– Conservation grade acid-free matting and foam board

To avoid accidentally damaging your edition, for example if an artwork is sold unframed, please leave unpacking and handling the artwork to a trusted professional framer or art handler. Contact us for local framing recommendations in major US and European cities. Unframed prints are extremely fragile and should avoid being handled. If you must handle unframed prints, wear clean cotton or fresh disposable gloves and unpack the print on a large, clean, dry, dust-free surface. Be very careful when unpacking the work and remove all adhesive tape to avoid it catching and sticking to the print. If you already have a framer please ask for conservation grade materials such as acid-free matting and UV blocking glass or plexiglass to ensure the longevity and protection of your artwork. It’s best to install artworks away from sources of heat, humidity and sunlight. Store unframed prints flat instead of rolled, in a dry, dark environment.