Scott King

Marxist Disco (Cancelled)

Letterpress print on vintage paper
Edition of 50
27.5 x 19.6 in
Editions stagger up $100 every ten sold.

This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please note that this artwork has been intentionally distressed by the artist, and there may be various creases or smudges on the print.


About Artwork

English artist Scott King’s Marxist Disco (Cancelled) (2015) has been reconfigured for this presentation in Chicago, shifting the site of this late-70s event from the Lower Refectory, University House, in Sheffield, England, to the International House at the University of Chicago. The notion of a “Marxist “ disco at such an esteemed American institution of higher learning is both humorously plausible—naturally, a disco held by the intellectual elite could only have philosophical undertones—and circumstantially comical given the university’s connection to the “Chicago School” of economics. The notion of a “Marxist Disco” being held at school so strongly associated with a phenomenon known for its emphatic advocacy for a free market economy suggests the strong role played by irony, both in comedy and humor in general and in much of King’s work specifically.

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