Scott Reeder

New Kinds of Music

Single color silkscreen print on paper
Edition of 20
40 x 30 in
Due to the size of this artwork, we suggest using a framer local to you. Please contact us for recommendations.

This artwork is signed and numbered by the artist.


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About Artwork

Scott Reeder’s work frequently incorporates elements of humor in works that vary from abstract painting to feature-length films. New Kinds of Music (2015) presents a list of invented musical “genres” that range from humorous double entendre (“Foreclosed House” describing both a real phenomenon as well as, potentially, a form of “house” music) to combinations of radically different cultural entities or sensibilities for comedic effect (“Drunk Classical,” for example.) Reeder’s work spoofs the impulse of the music industry to invent new labels to better market their content as well as the way that popular music has changed from a collectively unifying experience to one characterized by obsessively minute and marginal differences.

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