• Harland Miller, I’ll Never Forget What I Can’t Remember
Photo Credit: Tom Van Eynde

Harland Miller

I’ll Never Forget What I Can’t Remember

15 color silkscreen on Somerset 410gsm
Edition of 50
58.6 x 43.3 in
This artwork is signed and numbered by the artist.


About Artwork

Harland Miller’s work presents an image of what appears to be a “real” classic book for the renowned Penguin publishers’ series of books—a trope that characterizes much of his work—but is instead completely fabricated. As such, the title of the book depicted, “I’ll Never Forget What I Can’t Remember,” possesses a cleverly circular logical wit (suggesting that the already forgotten can’t be further forgotten) while ridiculing the often pretentious and self-aggrandizing titles common used in autobiographies. It also challenges the very notion of the published memoir as a faithful recollection of one’s life, suggesting how many “truths” about one’s own history are often lost and forgotten—either selectively or as a natural result of the limitations of memory.

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