Harsh Collective

The goal of the Harsh Collective is to inspire a new era in the art world. We mediate and build genuine relationships between the artist, the art world, and the viewer. We want to demystify the inner workings of the market, allowing the artist to be at the forefront – bringing attention to their process, their inspiration, their story.

Artist First

Harsh Collective aims to put the artist at the center of the art world. We partner with Fairchain to offer artists the opportunity to receive royalties as their artwork increases in value. We are an advocate for artists, fostering a relationship that helps to attain their desired career trajectory. We are continually reassessing how best to serve our artists and increase their visibility in the art world.


Galleries tend to be intimidating spaces with little information available, and it may feel as though one must be a buyer to really engage. Our intention is to provide any viewer, whether an art historian or a casual passerby, with as much information as they wish, as well as the opportunity to explore without our intervention if they so choose. No one should feel as though they can’t enjoy a work without some deep scholarly understanding, so we are happy to converse about anything from the facts and figures of a work to your gut reaction. Harsh Collective is a gallery that welcomes all art lovers, and aims to create a collective understanding of the artist behind the art.


Harsh Collective aims to establish enduring connections between visitors, artworks, and artists. Through events, workshops, and eventually an in-house speakeasy, we hope to create a space in which relationships are fostered between guests, whether over a drink, a song, or a palette and paintbrush. 

Harsh Collective is led by founder and creative director Etta Harshaw and COO Juilette Eberle.


Works Available