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Photo Credit: Cary Whittier

Anna Sew Hoy

Psychic Disc

Cast resin sculpture, metal powder, glitter
Edition of 15
16 x 15 x 1/2 in
As each edition is unique, please contact us with your selection. Please note that not all editions are available.

When you buy this artwork you are directly supporting cultural innovation. The funds from this sale support the artist and LAND.


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About Artwork

Anna Sew Hoy’s resin edition is cast from a ceramic work that was imprinted with various objects belonging to the artist: pills, sunglasses, jeans. Using a range of colors, Sew Hoy has created a psychedelic prism, each edition with unique swirls of primary colors and glitter.  The resulting disc alternately evokes an object from an unknown ancient ritual, a alien fossil, a talismanic totem, or what the artist has called a “caveman photograph.” The proceeds from the sales of this edition directly support LAND’s upcoming project with Anna Sew Hoy at Los Angeles State Historic Park, which will include a large-scale bronze sculpture entitled Psychic Body Grotto.
– Shamim Momin

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