Sarah Cain

Mirror Mirror

Acrylic, beads, fishing line on mirror
Edition of 8
23 1/4 x 15 1/4 x 1/2 in
Each piece is hand painted by the artist.

When you buy this artwork you are directly supporting cultural innovation. The funds from this sale support the artist and LAND.


About Artwork

Sarah Cain’s edition (in benefit of LAND) emerges from the artist’s body of work utilizing found furniture objects incorporated into the painting itself, as well as her recent suite of “prism paintings.”  Mirror Mirror uses a prefabricated baroque-style mirror as the canvas for a multi-colored chevron patterned painting that obscures much of the mirror’s surface and ornate frame. Clear crystal beads drape over the mirror and painted surface, offering further reflections of light and color. As a viewer stands in front of the piece, their reflection becomes a part of the work’s completion, subtly probing artist/art/collector dynamic.
– Shamim Momin

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