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Ruby Sky Stiler

Male Head

Wood, paint, metal screws
Edition of 5
20 x 19 1/8 x 8 5/8 in
When you buy this artwork you are directly supporting cultural innovation. The funds from this sale support the artist and the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.


About Artwork

For Art+Culture Projects, Stiler has created Male Head, 2016, a limited edition tabletop wood sculpture. This edition is a continuation of a recent series of wooden sculptures that debuted in 2015 at Locust Projects in Miami and Nicelle Beauchene’s gallery in New York. At the Beauchene gallery, she presented seven larger than life, body-sized and torso-scaled three-dimensional wooden silhouettes of the female form, as well as heads, busts, and standing and seated figures. The works function like screens, allowing air and light in, casting animated shadows, and generating many-sided perspectives that throb and vibrate. These new sculptures diverge from her plaster and resin reliefs in that they are about transparency, line, and pattern, and function like spatial line drawings. For Male Head, 2016, Stiler has stained the entire form black and then sanded back the surface so only the interior remains stained. In doing so, she reveals not only its making, but also enhances its elegant dimensionality.

– Amy Smith-Stewart

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