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Liz Larner

yes this too

Stainless steel
Edition of 20
3 1/2 x 8 x 9 in.
Benefiting the Nasher Sculpture Center

Price available on request

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About Artwork

Internationally renowned artist Liz Larner has created a new editioned work of art specially for the Nasher Sculpture Center. yes this too continues
Larner’s investigation of irregular geometries and deceptively simple sculptural forms. Often rounded, softened, bent, bowed, or hollowed out, the
new forms can bear little resemblance to their geometric antecedents, becoming unique and evocative embodiments in their own right. yes this too is
a mirrored triangle, inflated, rounded and volumetric, like a closed bivalve shell. The resulting form is suggestive of the graphic rendering of a heart, the
symbol of love. Larner has explored this form in only one other work, a tiny sculpture that she cast in silver as a private edition to give to friends and
family who attended her wedding. The intimacy of the association is evident in the form of yes this too, as well: larger than the tiny work Larner made
for her wedding guests, the NSC edition sculpture is tactile, smooth and pleasing to touch. As the artist has noted, it is a work intended for an intimate,
domestic environment, something that can be easily moved from room to room. The reflective surface of the sculpture reflects its surroundings and provides new experiences in different settings. yes this too is only the second work that Larner has made in stainless steel: the first was X, the large-scale sculpture that Larner made for Nasher XChange, the citywide exhibition of art in the public realm organized by the Nasher Sculpture Center in celebration of its tenth anniversary in 2013.

Proceeds from the sale of yes this too benefit the exhibition and education programs at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

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