• Ruby Sky Stiler Vase Painting
  • Ruby Sky Stiler Vase Painting
  • Ruby Sky Stiler Vase Painting

Ruby Sky Stiler

Vase Painting

Etching, photo polymer intaglio, monotype
Variable edition of 20, each one unique
21 x 18.5 in.
The artist produced this body of work during her recent Artist Residency at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. This complex print is made up of three distinct layers, each one utilizing both traditional and contemporary print processes; etching, intaglio and monotype. The delicate line drawing of the vase narratives was etched by the artist into a plate. The solid Roman block lettering is photo polymer intaglio and the color monoprint layer was hand painted by the artist making each one unique. We are delighted to be able to offer five of these unique works. Please email info@artandculture.com to make your selection.



About Artwork

In utilizing the print medium’s unique ability to achieve transparency and layering, the desire was to create something that feels connected to multiple periods of time – mingling the past and the present. The narrative layer is derived from the mythological scenes depicted on the surface of an Ancient Greek vase, from the perspective of an enthusiast – as opposed to a scholarly illustration. – Ruby Sky Stiler

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