• PhoebeBoswell

Phoebe Boswell

The Mechanics of Illusion III

Edition of 20
12 1/16 x 10 1/2 in.


About Artwork

Phoebe Boswell is a London-based, multidisciplinary artist investigating the state of diasporic consciousness and the continuous journey towards self definition. Born in Kenya and raised in the Middle East, Boswell exists in a perpetual state of limbo and uses her work as a platform to explore personal notions of home and identity. She employs a multi-sensory approach to art making, utilizing digital technology and draftsmanship as tools to create works that uncover the complexity of our humanity and shed light on narratives that cannot easily be explained or categorized.

“The Mechanics of Illusion lll” is lithograph inspired by a series of Boswell’s drawings exploring how language and storytelling influence the development of our personal belief systems. The original drawings in this series are sourced from animated stills comprising a piece entitled “The Lizard of Unmarriedness (It’s all about how you tell it).” The perpetual motion evoked by “The Mechanics of Illusion III” generates a “trippy” illusion of multiple figures existing as one. Simultaneously, it highlights the anxiety that many individuals live with while trying to negotiate the complexities of modernity and defining their identities.

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