Vaughn Spann

Basking in the Wind

8 color silkscreen print
Edition of 20

Image size 21.25 x 20 in.
Paper size 26.25 x 25 in.

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Only one print per household/client. This print is in production and the colors may differ slightly from the image.

The print will be ready to ship in January 2021.


About Artwork

Vaughn Spann’s  Basking in the Wind closes out the series All That I AM IV on an optimistic note providing a bit of magical realism during a time full of many tumultuous realities. The piece wrestles with the duality that many Black people in America have to negotiate but is executed with a spellbinding flare. Basking in the Wind evokes a commentary on the  “self/selves” that encompass the nuance of the Black experience. The dream space illustrates Spann’s vivid imagination but also gestures towards a keen exploration of the idea of leisure or rest when it comes to Black folks. The two bunnies both black and white allude to the importance of balance to maneuver the intricacies of being Black in society.

About the Artist