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February James

An Archive of Feelings

Unique hand-finished lithograph with watercolor
Edition of 20
28 x 22 1/2 in.
Each print is uniquely hand-finished with mixed media by the artist making each one an original artwork. To select the specific work you would like please click on the thumbnail images below the main image and zoom in to see the edition number, which you will need to select from the dropdown menu to put in your cart. The images are in numerical order. Your cart will show the image you select.

By purchasing this edition you are agreeing to sign a purchase agreement limiting resale. The agreement will be emailed to you after you place your order. Your order will be confirmed once we receive the signed agreement.

This print is limited to one per household/client.

From: $2,000.00

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About Artwork

February James’ work featured in ALL THAT I AM IV is entitled An Archive Of Feelings. James creates works that are creative evocations that respond to memory and the lived experience. She employs the act of cultural transmission as a way to amplify her investigation of the complexities within Black identity. February James’ work encapsulates the essence of a person through sinewy mark-making that gets to the core layer that we all possess as human beings. Although the subject may exude a feeling of melancholy, there is a tenderness that her figures invoke that functions as a reminder of the power in being in touch with your emotions no matter how pretty or dark that may be.

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