The Map is Not the Territory

Organization Joseph Gross Gallery
Hours Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00am - 06:00pm


Opening starts at September 11,2014 06:00pm
Opening ends at September 11,2014 09:00pm
Address 548 W 28th St, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, United States
Phone 646.535.6528
Start September 11, 2014
End October 4, 2014
Closed Sunday - Monday

Joseph Gross Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, The Map is Not the Territory, featuring various sculpture and new media works by Brooklyn based artist, Ted Lawson. For the occasion of his first solo show at Joseph Gross Gallery, Lawson will début a new series of work consisting of three dimensional wall mounted pieces and freestanding sculptures milled from MDF, brass plate etchings, and three large scale drawings rendered in the artist’s own blood fed intravenously to a CNC (computer numerical control) machine using computer technology akin to a 3D printer. There will be an opening reception to celebrate the artist as well as the gallery launch on September 11th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

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