Speculative Pentimenti

Organization Institute of Cultural Inquiry
Hours Thursday - Saturday: 12:00pm - 05:00pm

Free, by appointment through website: http://www.culturalinquiry.org/blog/events

Opening starts at May 05,2012 07:00pm
Opening ends at May 05,2012 09:00pm
Address 1512 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, United States
Website http://www.culturalinquiry.org/blog/cultural-inquiry/speculative-pentimenti-press-release
Start May 5, 2012
End May 26, 2012
Closed Sunday - Wednesday

The ICI is proud to present a visual exploration of contemporary society presented through the paintings of artist and longtime associate Sande Sisneros. Using inverted lighting and optics within the display space, large-scale oil paintings of uninhabited landscapes and disjointedly dramatic skies give way to a tracery of haunting visual narratives that reveal hidden “realities” lurking just below the painted surfaces. The duality of these images, encourages viewers to question what we see and (more importantly) what we often times don’t see or choose not to see. Is seeing really believing? Are truth and perception the same? And equally, what are the boundaries of our existence?

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