Picasso, Cezanne - Exhibition 2009

Organization Musee Granet Aix en Provence
Hours Sunday - Wednesday, Friday: 09:00am - 07:00pm
Thursday: 12:00pm - 09:00pm

Entry to the Musée Granet: €10/pers.
The price includes :
- The Cézanne and Picasso exhibition
- The “Cézanne - Picasso” multimedia educational itinerary
- A part of the permanent collections

Reduced price: € 8 (from 13 to 25 years old, senior, students, disabled persons).
Free entrance for children under 13.

Guided tour: Entrance fee + € 4,50 (1 hour).
Audio-guide to rent (French and foreign languages): €5/person.

• Related services ; Free cloakroom, shop
• Disabled access: The Musée Granet is accessible to everyone. All the floors of the museum, as well as the shop, are accessible to wheelchairs.
• Cars can drop passengers at the crossroads of Boulevard du Roi René and Rue d’Italie.

Opening starts at May 25,2009 09:00am
Opening ends at May 25,2009 12:00pm
Address Musee Granet 18, rue Roux Alpheran, Aix en Provence, France
Website http://
Start May 21, 2009
End September 27, 2009
Closed Saturday
* Picasso collects Cézanne: Picasso collects Cézanne: Picasso was an expert and well-informed collector, and came to own three of Cézanne’s masterpieces in his personal collection. * Picasso watches Cézanne: from his arrival in Paris in 1900 to the end of the story of cubism: from his arrival in Paris in 1900 to the end of the story of cubism. * Shared themes and shapes: fruit bowls, skulls, bathers, models on an armchair, Harlequin. * Picasso moves closer to Cézanne: purchase of the Château, and the ‘Vauvenargues’ period, with his masterpieces.

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