10 for 10 - My Top Ten Favourite Things

Organization Visual Voice Art Gallery
Hours Tuesday - Friday: 12:00pm - 05:00pm
Saturday: 12:00pm - 05:00am


Address 372 Ste-Catherine Street West, space 421, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone +514 878 3663
Website http://www.visualvoicegallery.com
Start September 17, 2009
End October 8, 2009
Closed Sunday - Monday
10 for 10 My Top Ten Favourite Things We're all familiar with the profane, commercial Top Ten lists that permeate the media: the Top Ten pop songs of the week, the Top Ten box-office hits, the Top Ten sexiest actors,... But what happens to a Top Ten list in the hands of an artist? It can transform itself into an exercise of reflection, a vehicle for political commentary, or simply irreverent fun. The group exhibition My Top Ten Favourite Things at the Visual Voice Art Gallery gathers ten artists, each taking a stab at compiling their very own, personal Top Ten list on a subject of their choice. The resulting artworks are lyrical, unique, quirky, charming, and humourous. For example, Emily Pelstring presents a series of quietly haunting drawings titled "My Top Ten Favourite Child Actresses with My Top Ten Favourite Wild Animals", Sigrún Jenny Bardadottir's work "Under Water, Top Ten Sinking Homes" echoes the current financial crisis, and Mike Patten's "My Top Ten Favourite Cereals" are a series of abstract panels created with colourful breakfast cereals. Participating artists: Sigrún Jenny Bardadottir | Éric Bolduc | Mariana Escribano | Bettina Forget | Myriam Gaumond | Jennifer Hamilton | Allan Mandrake | Marco Royal Nicodemo | Mike Patten | Emily Pelstring For those inspired by the artists' take on the Top Ten, they can add their own voice to the exhibition: visitors will have a chance to create their own Top Ten lists on a wall-sized pin board in the gallery. 10 for 10 - My Top Ten Favourite Things Visual Voice Art Gallery Belgo building, space 421 Visual Voice Art Gallery September 17 - October 8, 2009 vernissage: Saturday, September 19, 2009

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