1/2 Life

Organization Performance Space 122
Hours Sunday: 06:00pm -
Wednesday - Saturday: 08:00pm -

$20, $15 (students/seniors)

Address 150 First Ave, New York, NY, United States
Phone 12-352-3101
Website http://www.ps122.org/performances/half_life.html
Start February 10, 2010
End February 14, 2010
Closed Monday - Tuesday

NY Premiere!

1/2 Life investigates the survival of the body amidst a world of scientific research, data, and control. The performance hovers geographically at the edges of the Pacific Ocean - connecting nuclear super power USA, atomic survivor Japan and nuclear free New Zealand. A contemporary ritual to address our dormant nuclear nightmares. Dance and video artists Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad bring together an extraordinary collaborative team including composer and harpist Zeena Parkins, visual artist Emmett Ramstad, physicist Bryce Beverlin II, performer Takemi Kitamura and a critical mass of twelve including Sinan Goknur, Becky Olson, Taja Will, Jennifer Arave, Kimberly Lesik, Emma Rainwater, Melissa Birch, Laressa Dickey, Melissa Guerrero, Sharon Mansur, Laura Grant and Nick LeMere. 

More about 1/2 Life can be found at http://www.bodycartography.org/

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