Photographs by Ina Jang

Organization White Rabbit
Hours Friday: 07:00pm - 10:00am


Opening starts at May 08,2009 07:00pm
Opening ends at May 08,2009 10:00pm
Address 145 East Houston Street, New York, NY, United States
Phone (212) 477-5005
Start May 8, 2009
End June 3, 2009
Closed Sunday - Thursday, Saturday
About work Once I eliminated everything in the city, the world became a giant white canvas to me. Nothing was too mundane or too precious. Still there are certain elements that drew me to look at and expand the fantasy. Imagination is mentally formed images but it also starts from the real world. In my new work, I questioned what actually inspire me; a string and a chalkboard, an empty corner in a class room and a fake grass between philadelphia roll and wasabi. It was refreshing to me to discover how beautifully my imagination originated in their own forms. I mainly focused on the aspects of relationship between surface, figure, space and fashion. It is about being original, fantastic and somewhat meaningless. The images are minimal. The white actually existed in the work stronger than any other color can. I believe that sometimes absence is more than presence in this body of work. This is my interpretation about the world we dwell. I appreciate how genuine the world can be and how further my imagination can push the boundaries. -- Ina Jang

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