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born: 1955
born in: Sweden
About Me: Live and work, as an artist and art teacher in Stockholm,Sweden.Have done a number of artistic comission works for hospitals and schools,in the Stockholm area.Teaching, at the Swedish school of art.About My Art: Work in different medias,as painting,sculpture and... [more]

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“This is really beautiful work Stefan. Congratulations. We're going to launch an online gallery fairly soon to help artists and institutions reach new audiences. Are you interested?”
Posted over 5 years ago
StefanFransson replies:
“Thanks,Chris. I am in the process of downloading more of my works. I like this place. I am intersted in your new site.Please tell me more aboat it. Will soon have a closer look at your own works.Looks great!”
Posted over 5 years ago
StefanFransson replies:
“I where occupied, in working with my presentation,when i read your messege ,yesterday. Now I understand that the new gallery is an online extansion of this site. Just wan't to make it clear,that I am interested to take part in it. Have a great day.”
Posted over 5 years ago
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