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Nathan Slavik is the founder of Indy Displays who has 10 years of experience in the trade show industry. Indy Displays goal is to provide a complete line of quality trade show displays products at the lowest prices available online.... [more]

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“I have only just read your blog, but already I can say that I love it! Keep up the good work!”
Posted over 4 years ago
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Creative changes are always a great trend for every field from cars to clothing and trade show exhibits are not exception to it. These trends are always useful in keeping a product tall among the crowds and successful attaining great attention. This is the reason many creative features and ideas are adorned well to the trade show exhibits of 2010. These trends are always a great advantage to every promotion and these trends are ever changing to bring more productivity. Productivity is always the main aim behind all these trends.

Technology is playing a vital role in 2010 trends in trade show exhibits. Multimedia technologies are always been a part of every trade show exhibits. These improvised multimedia technology laced exhibits are always successful in grabbing attention. A best graphic along with suitable marketing message can be made more effective with best technologies. These technologically improvised graphic on the trade show graphics, trade show exhibits, trade show booths, pop up displays, table top displays will gain more perfection and instant attention grabber from the trade show visitors. This is the technology gained more importance of the present day.

Innovative trade show displays are become a great trend in 2010 in the area of trade show exhibits. Earlier people were associated with black background display of 10 foot height. Present day these displays have taken shape into special sizes and shapes. Modular and portable display is present day trend. These are light in weight and accommodate easy carrying to everywhere. Importantly these are most cost effective and can be easily molded into interested shapes successfully. Functionality is the greatest advantage with this kind of exhibits and can be seen in the form of portable displays, trade show booths, pop up displays, table top displays, portable banner stands and many more.

Present day trend is green trade show displays and these modular exhibits are best ideal for them. Also, present day trend is a display through two-story structures. This kind of spectrum could bring more attention and always successful. As modular structures are light in weight and easy to assemble, this two-story display can be organized very easily. High tensile aluminum and steel will be made part with this structure in making them stable and strong to the situation. This kind of tall double-storied exhibit is always a great success of today in gaining attention and popularity.

2010 trends in trade show exhibits took a great shape through new lighting methods. A best lighting can add up more impact to every trade show graphics and trade show exhibits. LED lighting is one such trend emerged these days for all the trade show exhibits. It is successful in making an exhibit quite breathtaking. This kind of impact is always successful in gaining more popularity for a product. Also, backlit pop-up display is instant success and a visitor can’t afford to miss these popup displays. All these trends are to spice up the exhibit and impart attention. Many people are making use of these trends to the maximum and gaining more popularity through them.

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