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Uploaded by : Eunsoo Ahn | 06/05/09

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    The 12 Million Dollar Stuffed Shark
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    Have no idea why the pickled shark is selling for millions of dollars? What about that Golden statue of Michael Jackson and a chimp? Strips of colors fetching millions? Confused? Does it not seem to make any sense at all? READ THIS BOOK. Learn the economics of the art world. Written by Don Thompson, an economist, it offers a fresh, eye-opening take on the art world beyond the criticism and theory.
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    Business & Economics, 20th-Century & Beyond, Conceptual Art and Art Criticism and Theory
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    smart, in-your-face and industrial

“An excellent text! A must-read for everobody even if they are not connected with arts and/or economy. Slams in-your-face many things about us and our society not only in relationship to art”
Posted over 6 years ago
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