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Uploaded by : Raheema Begum | 11/22/10

There was once an eerie little house where four women lived their sordid lives. They cackled and drank and carried on their on their brawls away from the eyes of the big bad world outside. Tonight, Daisy, the oldest among them was more drunk than ever and was beginning to hold conversations with the devil.

The devil said to her “Where are you from, my dear woman?”
Daisy told him that she belonged here, in this city, in the city where her young husband had tricked her through love into marriage, giving her no knowledge of the disease which grew in his innards and spread it’s way into the sunlit window of their nuptial togetherness. They had come here together and then he died and had left her alone.

“And how have you been?” queried the devil.
" I have just suffered an injury “ she said, and began to relate to him the details of her last sojourn into the town during which a Bhayya drove his bicycle right into her, making her drunken form tumble down into a ditch that the municipality has freshly dug in order to lay a new road. She had lost a major bone and had to have a metal rod inserted in her thigh in place of the lost bone.All this she told him with an air of camaraderie, as if she were talking to an old friend. And then she stopped dead at her tracks when Seema walked in through the door.

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    Text from '12 Sheffield Building'
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    Raheema Begum
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