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Uploaded by : Lewis | 04/06/10

Spread cunt; curtailed by the poppet
farmer; fluffy and frolicking
in whiskey wisps that float freely
Shuttlecock and battle-door are
shattered beautifully by pink,
petals popped by forceful love
Rapists realize modern art;
red, semi-colon, raw; semi
won’t do to create this new art
Nameless, tooty-frooty nature
in kitten form and cutey fur;
notions of lovely, little dreams.

  • Title:
    Pretty New Art
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  • Description:
    Quite an obvious poem by me here. It's simply about rape. I tried to write it in a cute way as to cover the fact of the brutality in it, as to sympathize with those who rape through mental illness. I do not agree with rape and I apologize if this offends anyone.
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    LITERATURE, Poetry and Beat Poetry
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