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Uploaded by : Lewis | 02/28/10

Bells bleach grasping hands
that distort the sands of
idiots, who grin and bare
bags of paper dreams.
Ambition ambles
through halls of lullabies,
vacant of eyes to mourn Air,
who died in the breach.
Fly from the mouths of
bird shaped dolls; porcelain
souls, and tickets of memoirs
will steam as we scream.

  • Title:
    Waiting For A Chance
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  • Description:
    This poem is about my annoyance of poets, artists and musicians, who create in a certain way because it is popular at the time. I've been involved in music a lot and scene bands change their sounds to agree with current growing trends whether they've insulted the genre themselves or not. It's also about those who rape old ideas that were meant to shock in their period, yet have no effect but to be popular in nowadays. This in my mind, takes away from what they were originally created for.
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    LITERATURE, Poetry and Postmodern Poetry
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