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Uploaded by : Lewis | 02/28/10

Quaint, as crimson tipped syringes
foxtrot petal tiled clouds;
meek droplets of haze, weary
of alarming the hinge’s mound.
Spittle, caked in soft old lace,
blessing a sienna canvas;
couplets of beads caressing the arch
of unblemished Innocent’s face.
Wallow; sloshing gently through
motions of slurred cadences;
rolling gold photos into moist,
anecdotes tailored around you.
Three cardboard kisses stitched
through cannibalistic notions of
Winter’s leaves in a Spring time garden.

  • Title:
    The Devil's Halo
  • Artist:
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  • Description:
    This is a rejection of the media and cultural stigma attached to the youth and drinking culture. Young people are looked down upon for binge drinking, yet throughout all of time, drinking has been a social and mate finding ritual. This is me, highlighting the positives of drugs and drink, in rejection of current values.
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    LITERATURE, Poetry and Beat Poetry
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