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Uploaded by : Philippe Javier Garcesto | 12/23/09

Conscious Collective
By Philippe Javier Garcesto

Gising na!
Lords. Ladies. Brothers. Sisters.
Maganda Princess of Earth Mother
Malakas Prince of Sky Father
Lovers. Dreamers. Beings of Light.
Claim now that is your birthright.
Gising na!

Rooted in the Earth your Spirit leaks from the flesh
Kundalini Awakening Arisen Altruism
7 Chakras unleashed Will
With each breathe conscious awareness
Intellect yielding to divine presence
Gising na!

The time is at hand
You must take a stand
From stardust single cell oceanic amphibious reptilian mammal
Recognize Homo sapiens sapiens technological revolution
Thy Paleolithic stone flaking history
Thy Neolithic agricultural evolution
Thy African roots Pangaea super continental migration
Indigenous Tribal Shamanic Origination
Mesopotamia Cradle of Life Civilization
Age of Empires decadence in despotism
Conquerors write the history
Rewritable through simulations popularized by Sid Meier
Trace the origins of the New World Order
Gising na!

All the World’s a stage in this modern day play
Saga scripted by slick shysters self-proclaimed masters
Mass-Media corporate phobia inducing sorcery
Branded imagery hexes activating sacred symbology
Transmitting legions into alternate corporate commercialized dimensions
Logo Zombies to pursue Black Fridays Wal-Mart Shop till you Drop Prices
The Stars be your guide to this commercialization of astrological archetypes scheme
Mass-produced products powered by sweatshop labor blood sweat and tears
Fake Corporate Responsibility website clauses by demons in disguises
DSM-IV diagnose The Corporation as clinically pathologically psychopathic
Spilling the blood of Columbian Coca-Cola union organizers
Like a blood offering to Aztec serpent lord Kulkucan
Pula dugo in your Washington Jefferson Franklin token
But death is only resurrection into the web of being
I despair for the wage slave willfully spiritually sodomized
Taxed and manipulated to War against the Self
Cultural Homogenization like a Nazi Aryan Atlantean Final Solution
Blood Massacres of Holocaust Millions demonized
But Indigenous Cultural Genocide is worshipped and glorified
Jesus Christ the Jewish Shaman caucasianed to look white
The honorable Brother Malcolm X got it right
Asserting African manhood alluded in Ossie Davis’ gracious eulogy
Justifiable anger for the Middle Passage Brutality
The Civil Rights Act granted legal equality for colored epidermis
But that’s just only scratching the surface
I demand revelations for generations of subservience
Western rationale ideology trumps technological superiority
Thorough subjugation of nature individual identity
Of the globe’s 6,000 ethno-linguistic groups
Only half of that number’s spoken language taught to their children
If you can find a karaoke machine after trekking an hour through the Subic jungle
Then juxtapose the Aetas touch the trees for power in their indigenous belief system
Supplanted by youths crooning Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”
This is the tip of the iceberg to cultural imperialism
Because Land is Life doesn’t apply to corporate philosophy
Only Maximizing dead presidents printed off of dead trees
Cha-Cha si Gloria comical moniker of the proposed Philippine Constitutional Change
With serious implications offering 100% land ownership to foreign multinationals
Fool’s gold to save the Philippine economy
It’s like offering American Farmland to Chinese Businesses
A possible future reality though Americans will resist the idea
Will wave guns and proclaim local sovereignty
But my people deemed terrorists in the same situation
Because Fear is the sedative of the Neocon Right
Gising na!

Awaken the Conscious Collective
Awareness of your inner piercing light
Supernova explosion when atman takes flight
Your thoughts vibrate and effectively create reality
Consider Messages from Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto
Focus different intentions through written spoken word music on Water
Water transforms it’s expression captured in microscopic crystal fractal patterns
This monkey body is composed 70% of Water though more helps brain functions
Polluted water and negative thoughts induce asymmetrical dull colored imagery
Positive intentions generate brilliant colorful symmetrical sacred geometry
Islam’s reflections of Allah through mathematical exposition
Mantra Meditation activating Mandala Yantra visualization
Shamanic Altered State is more than meets the eye
Transformers Indigenous Knowledge of Ego dissolution
Sacred Chants the Dreamtime creation of New Realities
You are the Artist Healer manifesting reality true believer
Drop Love Messages from the Poetic Terrorist
Smiles, Poems, Hugs, Songs, Blogs, Meditations, Laughs, Walks, Paintings, Movies, Dances, Photography, Social Activism, Random Acts of Kindness, Prayers
Such is Love
This is Love
Be Love

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