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Uploaded by : Tareesh | 10/08/09

From the deepest recesses of our minds,
Emerges a cloud, mushroom in shape, bright light, flashes,
Heat, searing heat, and the light, overwhelming,
Minutes pass, light fading away, the heat diminishing, blinding dust,
Then they arrive, from out of nowhere, doom,
Wraiths, shades of men, unleashing their fury upon Gaia,
Maiming, slaughtering, raping and ravaging,
Drowning out the silent cries of our Mother, foul and repulsive,
These beasts cover this rock in a shroud of darkness,
Thick and impenetrable, impossible to see in,
Through alleyways, avenues, paths man-made and natural,
This vile child of man extends its tendrils, suffocating,
Man and beast alike splutter and drown in this sea of shades,
Silence, now, nothing stirs, it is over

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