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Uploaded by : Tareesh | 10/08/09

Melancholic thoughts of an age long past, a world non-existent and a time eternally lost. A history few understand and even fewer respect. The thoughts of the peoples long passed unimportant and insignificant. Learn not from their luxuries learn instead from their foolhardiness. Pray to your Zeus, your Jupiter, your Odin and your Brahma for they fall on deaf ears. The gods no longer inhabit these lands. They have fled to their Elysium, their paradise away from the constant pleading and complaints of a land infested with filth and corruption spewing vile tar from their mouths that spread and clings to everything they lay their hands upon. What is this lie we live each day, fooling ourselves into thinking what we own is the design of our lives. A reality no more real than the food we consume. The oath to buy and the promise of some form of sexual satisfaction is forced down our throats. Higher and higher our needs soar and ever higher they will till we want the world and one-man stands up and says NO! and we will not listen and strike his down until out demise is by our own hand. And evermore that man will be allocated the status of martyr and the keepers of time will emblazon his name in gold in the great scrolls of history. Understand not what I speak as words but as a meaning. In the depths of all men this martyr lives and bides his time. But the foulness of mankind has him shackled, chained and left to wither away while onlookers watch with regret but do nothing. Man by default is a foul beast filled with pedophilic lusts, pedantic thoughts and prostate exams. A man-god emerged from the red of the sickle and hammer and spoke full truths and shattered the reality of man’s domestic blissful existence- Death solves all problems, no man no problems.

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