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  • Title:
    S.P.I.T: Squeegee Punks in Traffic
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  • Description:
    Roach has been living on the streets since age 14, he’s rebellious, loud and defiant. As part of S.P.I.T., Roach has been given a camera to document his world. The footage he gets is urgent, because there’s a war against squeegee kids. The RoachCAM is positioned behind enemy lines: living in derelict buildings, squeegeeing for money, being hunted by police. The viewer is forced to look at the living reality of Roach and his friends: Hungry on the streets in one of the world’s most prosperous countries, classified as thugs, criminals, and enemies. These kids refuse to obey, assimilate, and conform to society’s values - their beliefs and realities are scarred into their flesh in the form of piercings, tattoos, track marks, bruised veins, rotting teeth, gangrene, scurvy... S.P.I.T. shatters the windshield between Us and Them. Roach’s camera acts as the hammer: hard, forceful, direct; impacting with the force of an actual life. Daniel Cross’ camera documents the impact: recording the reflections of individual lives, mirrored upon the shards of flying glass.
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    FILM and Documentary Film
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    social revolution

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