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Uploaded by : Ardian Isufi | 08/09/11

  • Title:
    Death of Artist
  • Artist:
    Ardian Isufi
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  • Description:
    Description: Death of Artist / ARDIAN ISUFI Two years ago at the Venice Biennale artists-curators Elmgreen - Dragset introduced in Nordic countries pavilion installation titled "The Death of the collector" where a mysterious character Mr. B. that collected artworks and personal items found tragically drowned in his pool. The atmosphere in the Nordic Pavilion was conceived by the curators in two residential space (apartments) to create pick-giving to each other where in between them lay helpless figure of an anonymous collector throwing big question mark on the social-society life and cultural-life of the character ( but not limited to him!?). In fact my reaction through performance art entitled "The Death Artist" takes the reason from this starting point of questions by means of a symbolic gesture of self killing the artist who is no longer a mysterious figure or realistic doll as Mr.B , but it's one of you loving public (man or artist: Say as you want!) that sinking in social-society life and above all that the cultural plane where the "artist" in our reality today is "impossible" because it is supported by institutions art*, is "swamped" by forgetfulness because unfortunately culture occupies last place in our society, so it is "hopeless" aggression against direct or indirect forms each day is taking the spirit. *Institutions of Art - Here are huge question marks because, unfortunately, not only do we Art Bursa that will summarize a network institutions small or large as art galleries, auction houses, agents and managers, Art Association, Art critics , Artistic groups where for the sake of the truth some of these "institutions?" are, but really did not just have the voice needed to help build this great art structure but also assist in damage systematically greater artistic atmosphere !
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    VISUAL ARTS, Performance Art and Video Art
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