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    Directed by Steve Dixon Psycho-Steve’s brain needs a holiday. Thirty years of paranoia and excess has taken its toll. The mountains are nice but the birds seem menacing, especially the big ones that can talk. The campsite is full of characters from Carry On Camping, and theres an out-of-tune Angel at the Karaoke club. The peaceful monastic retreat turns out to be run by demonic nuns, and the sight of fleshy bodies at the beach stirs bad thoughts of serial fun and games… About the company New York Expo award-winners The Chameleons Group present a dark and hilarious exploration of life, death, sex, innocence, madness, badness, and holidays. As live characters interact with virtual ones, and Psycho-Steve confronts his digital double, identities begin to fragment and converge until a beach-party unlike any other finally brings everyone to their senses. An extraordinary performance combining live theatre, giant screen video and digital effects. The Chameleons Group explore the relationship between the esoteric and the populist, the disturbing and the comedic, the dark and the light, the virtual and the ‘real’. Mesmerising multimedia theatre fusing dream narratives, surrealist comedy, movie genres and Artaudian theatre of cruelty.
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    Theatrical Movement, Experimental Theater, Happenings and Multimedia, Theater Production, Digital Art and Performance Art
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