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    Nayramara is a performance utilizing dance and real-time video projection, based upon the reversal of spatial metaphor for time, placing the past in front of the performer and the future behind. By exploring delays, feedback loops, and the capture of live video imagery, the dancers and the projections form a dance playing with both space and time. Based upon the Aymara people of South America, this reversal of our time-space relationship is part of their culture, both in language and in gesture. Nayramara is their term for the past year, but literally translates to front year.In this work technology allows for the expansion of this concept of time but also new considerations of spaces for choreography. Choreography and media design: Kate Sicchio // Performers: Naomi Allen and Kate Sicchio // Set Design: David Palmer About the artist Kate is choreographer, media artist, and performer. Programme leader for Dance: Urban Practice at University of East London. Member of editorial board International Journal for Performance Arts with Digital Media. Her work includes dance performances, installations, web and video projects and has been shown in Philadelphia, New York City, Canada, Germany and across the UK, at venues such as Banff New Media Institute, WAX Brooklyn, Sightsonic International Digital Arts Festival, and most recently a commission for the Screen Deva Festival.
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    PERFORMING ARTS, Modern and Contemporary Dance, World Dance, Theater, Experimental Theater, Happenings and Multimedia, Theory & Criticism, Physical Theater and Women's Theater
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