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Uploaded by : Fred Holle | 12/13/10

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    Fred Holle
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    "ANCIANA" is an oil painting on canvas 70" X 48" in size. It was started from model drawings and improvised after the composition was established. This was the last oil painting I ever made after discovering that the freehand airbrush with acrylic was more compatible with my evolving Form. ALTHOUGH THE GREAT MAJORITY OF MY PAINTINGS ARE DONE FROM IMAGINATION, PERIODICALLY I CONTINUE TO FEEL IT'S ESSENTIAL TO "REGROUND" BY SUBJECTING MYSELF TO THE DISCIPLINE OF WORKING FROM AND ADHERING TO THE BOUNDARIES OF A SPECIFIC SUBJECT. THIS IS FURTHER MOTIVATED BY FINDING AN EXCEPTIONAL MODEL AS IN THE SUBJECT OF THIS PAINTING, "ANCIANA".
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    VISUAL ARTS and Painting
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