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Uploaded by : Fred Holle | 09/26/10

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    Fred Holle
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    I’m a figural artist. More specifically, I’m a painter/printmaker who’s aware that drawing is the genesis of all of my work. I constantly draw from models, partly for the great pleasure it affords but, primarily, to maintain perceptual sensitivity and to obtain fresh data to fill a reservoir of images that may be tapped, when needed, for my paintings and prints.  This activity enables me to develop complete works from my imagination. As a teacher, I consider drawing to be an indispensable discipline for visual artists of all persuasions, be they academic, classical, abstractionist and even the non-objective artist. The best and limitless source of ideas and inspiration is nature itself. The danger for visual artists is that they begin to echo themselves with each work becoming more shallow and boring than the previous effort. Nature, in whatever form, the figure, still-life or landscape, are sources which replenish, refresh and motivate one’s work. ALTHOUGH THE GREAT MAJORITY OF MY PAINTINGS ARE DONE FROM IMAGINATION, PERIODICALLY I FEEL IT'S ESSENTIAL TO "REGROUND" BY SUBJECTING MYSELF TO THE DISCIPLINE OF WORKING FROM AND ADHERING TO THE BOUNDARIES OF A SPECIFIC SUBJECT. THIS IS FURTHER MOTIVATED BY FINDING AN EXCEPTIONAL MODEL AS IN THE SUBJECT OF THE PAINTING "JOYCE".
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    VISUAL ARTS, 20th-Century & Beyond, Painting and Figurative Painting
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