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Uploaded by : Bettina Forget | 10/06/09

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    Laura McPhee
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    Laura McPhee: Laura McPhee spent 2 years, starting in 2003, shooting in the Sawtooth Valley in Idaho with an 8x10 camera. The gorgeous photos meditate on the wilderness and delves into the Valley’s residents’ stories in a repetitive and deliberate juxtaposition of portraits with landscapes. Of the project she says, “It has all of the issues there. How do we preserve? What are we preserving? How much do we try to preserve and how much are we trying to get things for our own personal interest? How much do we develop and how much do we leave green? I think that there are very real both cultural and natural issues being played out in the West. The West is the stage on which we can watch those things happening.” I hope she goes back and lets us know what goes down.
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    VISUAL ARTS, 20th-Century & Beyond, Photography and 10 for 2010 - Documentary Photography
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