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Uploaded by : Bettina Forget | 10/06/09

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    Roger Ballen
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    Roger Ballen: Roger Ballen has spent decades making us uncomfortable with black and white images from South Africa. At first, it was images of small towns, then their residents (white residents in post-Apartheid SA), then increasingly incongruous images of individuals oddly occupying already odd spaces. His latest book, Boarding House (2009), is even more layered as it seems more a collaboration between Ballen, his subject and the art they’ve created within the images, drawing and sculptures that occupy the frames with force and starkness. His consistent focus on the fringe of South African society has produced a collection of photos that create a world more than document it.
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    VISUAL ARTS, 20th-Century & Beyond, Photography and 10 for 2010 - Documentary Photography
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