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Uploaded by : citykitty | 09/18/09

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    "Public Feeding"
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    The recent overabundant, in-your-face public breast-feeding has fueled thought and discussion about its appropriateness versus its necessity. Unable to speak out against public breast-feeding for fear of being Politically Incorrect, I use my controversial piece to express the restrained feelings of those who may not be comfortable with the practice. By using large exaggerated visuals and sounds, I attempt to trigger feelings of uneasiness and embarrassment as well as spark a debate about the topic. (This project will be shown at DAC - Dumbo Arts Center Festival, September 26 and 27.)
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    VISUAL ARTS and Installation Art
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    no themes

citykitty says:
“Come check out my 3-channel piece at DUMBO Arts Festival - Sept 26 & 27.”
Posted over 5 years ago
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