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Uploaded by : Arty | 09/16/09

  • Title:
    Lonlely Ghost and The Valley of Mountains
  • Artist:
    Norval Morrisseau
  • Year:
  • Description:
    Lonely Ghost and the Valley of mountains is in Homage to Norval Morrisseau, and was completed just days after his death in December of 2008. The image was completed as I contemplated his life. The fact he was an artistic genius even renowned through periods of his life, yet still at some point found himself alone and on the street asking for change. Facing the judgement of those who passed by who I'm sure very few knew of his brilliance. I know it has been said Norval never minded living the life he lived, I am still haunted though. Haunted by the knowledge one can be an artistic genius and still be so isolated and alone judged so maliciously by his brother man as he seeks to raise his brother through inspiration. Finding comfort only in continual states of disillusionment. As this image progressed and I could see the mountains come out and see the peeks and valleys Morrisseau spoke to me of the loneliness of his many parts of his life and asked me to help rectefy errors in judgement he had made. When Morrisseau stated he wanted to "be a rolemodle for little kids" he forgot the power of some of the lessons he taught. This work is owned in the private collection of Rueters journalist John McCrank. Prints and T shirts of this image are available at . If you would like to discuses the possibility of buying an original please contact me at rossettoink if you would like to discuss art or the process of making art please contact at rossetta99 Thank you Ps here is an article about art as an investment by John McCrank
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    VISUAL ARTS, 20th-Century & Beyond, Text Art and Drawing
  • Themes and Tags:
    rebel, religious and spiritual

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