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  • Artist:
    Attila Richard Lukacs
  • Year:
  • Description:
    Much of Attila's work deals with the "Camouflage" or repression of male sexuality through the use of the illusions of stereotypes on what it is to be a man. Ritualistic acts of hazing with sexual undertones are often sited in the media and lead to the disgrace of male dominated institutions such as the events that lead to the disbanding of the elite Canadian military unit The Airbourne or more recently the events at Abu Ghraib prison. Often in these institutions hierarchy is kept by physical dominance and humiliation of subordinates. These themes are revisited through Attila's career. Oil on Canvas
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    Skinheads, Punks, 20th-Century & Beyond, Pre-20th-Century Art, Painting and Eroticism
  • Themes and Tags:
    perverse, rebel, primal, homoerotic, phallic, pioneering, power and figurative

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