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The neurotic treats the symptom of his or her ills, but always in a misguided way: he washes his hands after thinking of another woman; or she cleans her room whenever she feels out of control. The illness remains elusive, ineffable, unnamed: it is a relentless sense of unrest. Hence the neurotic is in a state of constant tending, of treating the symptoms of an unknown -- and even worse, unknowable -- disorder. Neurosis, then, is the symptom par excellence of the twentieth century: it is pure symptom without a disease to anchor it.

Themes represent basic categories of thought, emotion, or value. While our assignment of themes may at times seem arbitrary or whimsical, they serve to link together artists and movements along non- hierarchial pathways. Follow the themes to look for new disciplines that share qualities with those you already like, or to open up new worlds of Art and Culture.


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Novocaine: A solo exhibition featuring Carly Ivan Garcia New York, NY, United States
17 Jul - 2 Aug
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