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Mystery & Suspense
My previous mention of the Animazing Gallery in NYC was regarding the Maurice Sendack exhibit, which was most definitely exciting for fans of "Where The Wild Things Are." Well, it turns out that Animazing is on a roll with some great
Mystery & Suspense
Mysteries, quests and shady characters are some of my favourite things about winter movies. (I personally challenge you to dispute that comedy is best viewed while wearing shorts!) Leonardo DiCaprio trapped in an insane asylum? Definitely! What's coming: Martin Scorsese's new
Mystery & Suspense
Over the weekend I had a chance to check out director James McTeigue's ("V for Vendetta") new bloodbath film, "Ninja Assassin." McTeigue and his producing partners, Larry and Andy Wachowski ("The Matrix"), offer up 99 minutes of shadow-laden ninja fights linked