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Alternative Rock
Mark Sandman, lead singer, bassist, and songwriter of the seminal indie rock band Morphine, died on July 3, 1999. He had a heart attack while performing in Palestrina, Italy. Sandman revealed little about his life, which makes his songs all the
Alternative Rock
There is no one on this planet that could accuse me of having a single-minded interest in a particular type of music. My uni supervisor constantly despaired over my apparent lack of research focus. Let me know if any of this
Alternative Rock
Indie rock singer/songwriter Kirsten DeHaan performing "1984" from her newly released EP 'Thorns On A Crown.' DeHaan played at The Colony Cafe in Woodstock, NY on the closing night (October 4, 2009) of Woodstock's 40th Anniversary Film Festival.["1984" skillfully maneuvers its