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by Troy
For those of you who have strict rules on what it means to be an artist, you may not like the following list very much. Click HERE to be re-directed. But if you are like me and are of the
I decided to do one more list in honor of the 10 for 2010 fiesta here at art&culture. Today, one of the most influential occupations to hold in the fashion industry is the photographer. My list of ten is very diverse
A new show opened last weekend at GAGA (Garnerville Arts Center) in New York. The large exhibit space once functioned as a mill and is part of a huge complex that now holds the gallery and various businesses. This show is a celebration
The last decade has been a time of great activity in the field of contemporary photography. Now fully accepted as a fine art medium, it has become one of the most exciting and fastest changing of the visual art forms. With
I live within walking distance of the largest Sears on the west coast. The actual store may not be the largest but the Art Deco building that houses it was once the western distribution center for Sears. This 10 story
Over the last few weeks, I have been able to absorb myself in many of New York’s exhibitions and events, mainly in the field of photography. At almost any given time, This city offers a multitude of things to see
The world’s oldest profession is one of the oldest and most reoccurring subject matters in the field of portrait photography. What is it about prostitutes that continue to inspire talented photographers? Perhaps it is to capture the soul of
The unexpectedly freezing weather kept me from going out as much as I'd like to this week (I'm new to the East Coast, and unprepared for real seasons), but the irresisitible lure of gravestones and accordion music drew me out of
The short career of Bas Jan Ader as an artist still fascinates and engages the art world, decades after his disappearance. Perhaps it was his tragic and sudden death, his courageous and illogical attempt at fulfilling a sailor’s dream, or
Fall Preview: Don't Miss in San Francisco The fall exhibition season begins in earnest this week and there are a number of great shows not to be missed. We profile two below that we're checking out and welcome you to email
Last week, the Courtauld Institute of Art in London hosted a panel titled "The Function of the Studio: Four Artists in Conversation" with artists Shezad Dawood, Gautier Deblonde, Antony Gormley and Andrew Grassie. From the program for the evening, as advertised
by Arty
Some notes on trying to connect things that interest me: 1. Harrell Fletcher's beautiful collaboration with Jon Rubin at the SF MOMA called Wallet Pictures, during which 150 of visitors' wallet pictures were rephotographed in the museum lobby. Ten images were
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