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Mixed Media
by Troy
For those of you who have strict rules on what it means to be an artist, you may not like the following list very much. Click HERE to be re-directed. But if you are like me and are of the
Mixed Media
A new show opened last weekend at GAGA (Garnerville Arts Center) in New York. The large exhibit space once functioned as a mill and is part of a huge complex that now holds the gallery and various businesses. This show is a celebration
Mixed Media
As a young art history student a few years ago, I worried that I was living through the decline of the art world. I was so caught up in my love for long-dead artists that I couldn't notice the amazing work
Mixed Media
Today marked the opening day for the Saatchi Gallery’s third exhibition in its gorgeous new gallery on Duke of York Square. In the autumn, the Saatchi hosted new art from China, and the spring saw an incredible genre-defying exhibition of new
Mixed Media
Museums of all kinds are wonderful, but big museums tend to be devoted to one conventional subject (like art or history-boring!), and feature well-curated, non-terrifying exhibits. This is why I prefer the type of museum that you stumble across by accident,
Mixed Media
The short career of Bas Jan Ader as an artist still fascinates and engages the art world, decades after his disappearance. Perhaps it was his tragic and sudden death, his courageous and illogical attempt at fulfilling a sailor’s dream, or
Mixed Media
The first decade of the new millennium has been rich in works of art that are cross disciplinary, forward-thinking yet steeped in the past, and capable of inspiring people to think differently. Here are ten artists whose work exemplifies the
Mixed Media
The economy is not doing so good for all of us, non - profits are taking a bigger hit. However a chicago based artist is rising funds for Street - Level Youth Media with his curated show "Run Blago, Run!" Using
Mixed Media
So did anyone notice what was on the Google homepage (March 20, 2009 11:08 PM) to symbolize the first day of Spring? I was so excited when I saw little illustrations from Eric Carle's A Very Hungry Caterpillar (he is one
Mixed Media
This years D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge festival -- the 13th Annual -- was an art and performance filled weekend, and not to be missed. The
Mixed Media
I went to see Urs Fischer's solo show Marguerite de Ponty at the New Museum yesterday, and I was appalled to see so much space devoted to such blatantly derivative work. Appropriation as a statement is one thing--I got over my
Mixed Media
Upon first encountering León Ferrari's “Arboles,” a large amorphous sculpture constructed of polyeurethane foam and small green polymer trees, I was reminded of three of spring’s small, but essential, pleasures: mixed drink ornaments, bath foam, and the opening passage of Harold Brodkey’s
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