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Graffitists and Cartoonists
One of my favourite artists is Peter Gibson, aka Roadsworth. Armed with spray paint and an eye for visual poetry, Roadsworth prawls Montreal's streets and embellishes road markings and sidewalks, turning a mundane central line into a zipper or a zebra
Graffitists and Cartoonists
Last year I interviewed Travis McCoy who is the lead singer of the amazing hip hop band Gym Class Heroes. Travis is the lead vocalist with the band. They have had huge hits with "Cupid’s Chokehold", "Clothes Off" and "Cookie Jar".
Graffitists and Cartoonists
I first read about The Bubble Project in the magazine Giant Robot and I was excited to discover Lee’s ongoing interference (Culturejamming, as Adbusters would say) with the glut of advertisements that pollute our communal spaces. Ji Lee had printed over
Graffitists and Cartoonists
There’s nothing like catsitting for a friend who has an amazing library of rare, underground printed matter. After screening Studio Ghibli’s Pom Poko for dinner last night, I headed next door to play kitty and to look for something to read
Graffitists and Cartoonists
FIFTY8 GALLERY presents B-Line B-Boy Drawings and Sculpture by Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez 58 Coles St. Jersey City, NJ. Friday May 1, 2009 7-11pm Jersey City, NJ. May 1, 2009- “The B-Boy is the physical Graffiti artist, he is the lyrical and
Graffitists and Cartoonists
On Wednesday I headed over to a Wonderful World Art Gallery, in Culver City to see the preview for Luke Feldman. Along with the preview Luke would be doing a live painting right in the gallery. Luke Feldman is