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Rhythm and Blues
by Troy
Behold, she who is…Nina Simone. Nina Simone’s artistry is so vast and expansive that it is often difficult for people to categorize her. She is generally lumped into Jazz, but I put her in the get-inside-you-and-make-you-jive category. Nina Simone is and
Rhythm and Blues
Beyonce – “I Am… Sasha Fierce” Album Review Here is my very own review of the legendary Beyonce’s current album called “I Am Sasha Fierce”. It is definitely recommended by me! Now it is not the most perfect album in
Rhythm and Blues
LuminaTO, Toronto's Festival of Arts + Creativity, runs from June 5-14, 2009, animating downtown venues and locales with a veritable plethora of events and happenings in visual arts, literature, theatre, film, music and dance. It's only the third year for what
Rhythm and Blues
Although the new millenium failed to bring about flying cars and teleportation, as many of us had hoped, it did introduce the world to some fantastic new artists. Their work helped to define art in the 21st century, and if cars
Rhythm and Blues
When Neko Case came to Colorado on tour, I took my mother. That is how good she is. I had sent my mom Case’s new album, ‘Middle Cyclone,’ which came out in March of 2009, and she actually listened to it
Rhythm and Blues
Her voice is like lightly oiled sandpaper. With nary a struggle, she manages to sneak in a well-intentioned squeak every so often. That smooth, vintage sound seeps from her voice as easy as Sunday conversation, and it is those long notes,