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Happy New Year! It was freezing on Saturday night, but after a day of teaching and some scrumptious Japanese food at Sushi Queen restaurant, I headed down to Harbourfront to catch John’s set from 8pm. It didn’t take long for me
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Aaah…the holidays. First you’re panicking over presents (I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a few names!), then panicking about how many leftovers you’re going to have to eat over the next few months…by that time it’s too late to return the gifts
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In deference to that ubiquitous cold that's been going around, here's something easy to watch, goes well with cough medicine, and is a high energy diversion to get you up on your feet! In 2005, David LaChapelle -- famous for his
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Beardyman is a young and phenomenally talented beatbox artist who has won the UK Beatbox championship twice, and is now (not surprisingly) an Internet sensation. Although largely associated with hip-hop culture, beatboxing is not limited to hip-hop music; it exists now
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by Troy
October 25th visited the New York City High Line saw the Diane Von Furstenberg store with color-changing windows saw the Assume Vivid Astro Focus exhibit at Phillips de Pury & Company via the High Line saw the Gansevoort Hotel saw the
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There is no one on this planet that could accuse me of having a single-minded interest in a particular type of music. My uni supervisor constantly despaired over my apparent lack of research focus. Let me know if any of this
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Dream City (1921) by Paul Klee (from the chorus for ‘Thug is a Drug’)Gangsta, birth sign is dangerIt's like thug is the drugThat make 'em fall in loveWhen love don't love nobodyBANK, BANKGangsta, star sign is dangerIt's like thug is the drugReady
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In this post, I would like to expand upon one of the artists I cited in my previous ’10 for 2010’ entry. Defending Kanye It’s fascinating how the perception of contemporary mainstream artists can change so quickly. Despite rave critical
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Whether it brings about a heightened sense of focus, a feeling of loss, or a desire to reflect, fall affects everyone who experiences it. The following 5 songs are a mix of new releases that are either in rotation now,
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It's Friday afternoon, and you are watching the clock, waiting for the official beginning to the weekend, when you can leave work behind and get a hearty helping of culture. New York City offers more than one person knows what to
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The first decade of the new millennium has been rich in works of art that are cross disciplinary, forward-thinking yet steeped in the past, and capable of inspiring people to think differently. Here are ten artists whose work exemplifies the
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1. Checking out The Drop's opening party on Saturday, October 3. 2. Returning to Sorella on Allen Street for their amazing lamb ragu with a side of brussels sprouts. 3. Revisiting childhood: Toy Story and Toy Story 2 open this weekend
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